The Benefits of Selling Artwork with Cowley Abbott

  1. Receive expert advice from our network of fine art specialists.

    Our specialists will research and determine the market value of your artwork. We work with you to determine the most appropriate means to offer your artwork for sale.

  2. Benefit from competitive rates and avoid hidden consignment fees.

    At Cowley Abbott, we do not charge insurance, photography or cataloguing fees to our clients. The seller’s commission rates are all-inclusive competitive consignment fees that are contingent upon the final price achieved at auction for the artwork.

  3. Display your artwork.

    With a dedicated gallery space, your artwork will be displayed in the Cowley Abbott offices upon receipt. Located across the street from the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, the Cowley Abbott office is an ideal contemporary space for exhibiting your artwork. Prospective buyers have the opportunity to inspect the works of art in person and receive additional details from one of our art specialists.

  4. Confident and Professional Services.

    Both sellers and buyers can be confident that the artwork handled by Cowley Abbott has been inspected and handled by our industry professionals.

  5. Receive secure payment.

    The entire sale transaction is securely brokered by our firm, allowing both the purchaser and the consignor to remain anonymous.

Benefits for the Collector

Purchase artwork through carefully-curated semi-annual Live Auctions of Important Canadian Art and monthly, themed Online Auctions, guided by the advice of our art specialists. 
Our firm features a highly-competitive Buyer’s Premium, as well as a combination of traditional client service and industry-leading technology to provide a collector experience that focuses upon enjoyment, ease-of-use and transparency.

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Valuation Submission

If you are interested in offering artwork by one of the artists listed in our directory (or other possible artists), please submit details of your artwork or Contact Us for further assistance.
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