Ryan Mayberry

Vice President Technology
Owner & Partner

Ryan Mayberry is a software engineer, the founder of Consignor.ca and ArtMoi, and also a partner at Mayberry Fine Art.

Ryan has been surrounded by both important historical and contemporary Canadian art since early childhood. His father, Bill Mayberry, has been a respected art dealer specializing in Canadian art since the early 1970s. Following the completion of his studies at the University of Manitoba in 1994, he started his own internet software firm servicing government, transportation, pharmaceutical, and retail markets. From 1995 onward he continued to build internet software and internal management systems for use in both commercial and public art institutions.

In 2011, Ryan developed and established Consignor.ca, an online art auction service that brings together art collectors and consignors in a transparent online marketplace. In June of 2013, Ryan formed a partnership with auction industry veterans Rob Cowley and Lydia Abbott in the formation of Consignor Canadian Fine Art which saw his online auction service move into a bricks and mortar operation.

With extensive experience in developing internet solutions, as well as helping to grow the family business by building successful services and support businesses for the Canadian and international art markets, Ryan leads the vision and product development behind Cowley Abbott bidding platform and operational systems.