Nicole Plaskett

Managerial Executive Assistant
Special Projects

Nicole Plaskett holds a master’s degree in history from the University of Toronto.  After graduating, Nicole worked in London, England with a renowned fine-art restorer and dealer, the experience allowing her to immerse herself in the UK art market, working with high-profile clientele with a focus upon Old Master and British portrait paintings. Nicole participated in  bidding & purchasing through international auction houses and experienced the London art market hands-on.

Moving back to Canada, Nicole worked with an established Toronto fine art gallery, and was then recruited to manage the Art Dealers Association of Canada. For over two years, Nicole formed relationships with gallery owners across Canada and became familiar with the Canadian fine art market.  

In 2018, Nicole was hired as the Executive Director of the Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation. During this time, she spearheaded the modern mandate of this national, not for profit photography archive. Nicole was successful in securing many prestigious government grants for the Foundation, working closely with the GLAM industry in Canada.

Following more than fifteen years of experience within the visual arts and Canadian cultural heritage realms, Nicole is thrilled to work with Cowley Abbott, assisting the management of the firm with administration and special projects.