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Private Collection, Toronto
- “Beaupré, 1896-1904: Lieu d'inspiration d'une peinture identitaire” (Madeleine Landry, Septentrion, Quebec, 2014);

- “Swing Time: Reginald Marsh and Thirties New York” (Barbara Haskell, Morris Dickstein, Erika Doss, Jackson Lears, Lance Mayer, Gay Myers and Sasha Nicholas, New York Historical Society, 2012);

- “Henri Beau 1863-1949” (Pierre L’allier, Musée du Quebec, Quebec, 1987);

- “Canvas of War: Painting the Canadian Experience, 1914-1945” (Dean F. Oliver, Laura Brandon, and J. L. Granatstein, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 2000)

- “Canadian Art at Auction 1968-1975: A Record of Sotheby & Co. Ltd. Sales May 1968-May 1975” (Geoffrey Joyner and Paul Duval, Sotheby & Co. Canada Ltd., 1975)

- “Caven Atkins: A Retrospective Exhibition of Selected Works by Caven Atkins Spanning Fifty Fears of the Artist's Life” (Ted Fraser, Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, 1979);

- “Canadian Classics” (Master’s Gallery Ltd., Calgary, 1984)

- “F. S. Coburn: Exposition, Retrospective, Exhibition 1971-1960” (La Galerie Walter Kinkhoff, Montreal 1986);

- “An exhibition of Thirty-One Paintings and Watercolours by Thomas Mower Martin 1838-1934” (Kaspar Gallery, Toronto, 1982);

- “Carl Ahrens as Printmaker: A Catalogue Raisonné” (Jennifer C. Watson, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 1984);

- “William Nicoll Cresswell: Man from Seaforth” (Christopher Varley and Barry Fair, London Regional Art Gallery, 1986);

- “Visions and Victories: 10 Canadian Women Artists 1914-1945” (Natalie Luckyj, London Regional Art Gallery, 1983);

- “Harvest of the Spirit: Illingworth Kerr Retrospective” (Maggie Callahan, Edmonton Art Gallery, 1985);

- “Le Vieux Montréal vu par Georges Delfosse” (Montréal, Ville de Montréal, 1983);

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