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Twelve Canadian Art Reference Books

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Private Collection, Montreal
- “Here and There in Montreal and the Island of Montreal” (Charles W. Stokes, Musson Book Co, Toronto, 1931);
- “The Mendel Collection” (Modern Press, Saskatoon, 1955);
- “Jean Chauvin: Ateliers” (Louis Carrier & Cie, Montreal & New York, 1928);
- “An Anthology of Canadian Art” (ed. by Robert H. Hubbard, Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1960);
- “Duncan: The Douglas M. Duncan Collection” (The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1971);
- “A Story of Canadian Art (As told by the Hart House Collection)” (Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto, 2013);
- “The MacCallum-Jackman Donations” (The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1969);
- “The Laurentians: Painters in a Landscape” (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1977);
- “Canadian Art: Vital Decades” (Paul Duval, Clarke, Irwin & Co., Toronto/Vancouver, 1970);
- “Canadian Water Colour Painting” (Paul Duval, Burns and MacEachern, Toronto, 1954);
- “A Legacy of Canadian Art from the Kelowna Collections” (Kelowna Art Gallery, 2017);
- “L’estampe au Québec 1900-1950” (Denis Martin, Musée du Québec, 1988)

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