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Seventeen Canadian Art Reference Books

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Private Collection, Montreal
- André Biéler in Rural Québec” (Frances K. Smith, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, 1988);
- “London Collects David B. Milne” (David Silcox, London Regional Art and Historical Museum, London, Ontario, 1998);
- “Works by A.Y. Jackson from the 1930s” (Naomi Jackson Groves, Carleton University Press, Ottawa, 1990);
- “The Canadians: Emily Carr” (Rosemary Neering, F & W Ltd., Don Mills, 1975);
- “Emily Carr: On the Edge of Nowhere” (Mary Jo Hughes, Kerry Mason, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 2010);
- “F.H. Varley: Paintings 1915-1954” (The Art Gallery of Toronto (travelling exhibition), 1954);
- “Atma Buddhi Manas: The Later Work of Lawren Harris” (Dennis Reid, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1985);
- “Alberta Rhythm: The Later Work of A.Y. Jackson” (Dennis Reid, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1982);
- “A Hiker’s Guide to the Rocky Mountain Art of Lawren Harris” (Lisa Christensen, Fifth House, Calgary, 2000);
- “Emily Carr Collected” (Ian Thom, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 2013);
- “Emily Carr” (Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, 1971);
- “E.J. Hughes” (Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, 1967);
- “Arthur Lismer: Paintings 1913-1949” (Art Gallery of Toronto, 1950);
- “Borduas et les automatistes Montreal 1942-1955” (Catalogue des Musées d’état du Québec, 1971);
- “A.Y. Jackson: The Arctic 1927” (Penumbra Press, Moonbeam, Ontario, 1982) - in the original slipcover;
- “David Milne” (Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, 1991);
- “David Milne: City and Country - Selected Works from the David Milne Estate” (Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto, 2006)

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