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- “Gaston Rebry” (Denis Beauchamp);
- “A.J. Casson” (Gray, Rand, Steen);
- “Tom Thomson: The Silence and the Storm” (Harold Town & David P. Silcox);
- “The McMichael Conservation Collection” (McMichael Canadan Art Collection);
- “Sculpture of the Eskimo” (George Swinton);
- “The Art of Robert Bateman” (Ramsay Derry);
- “Canadian Art” (William Colgate);
- “Tom Thomson: The Algonquin Years” (Ottlyn Addison);
- “J.E.H. MacDonald” (Albert H. Robson);
- “Clarence A. Gagnon” (Albert H. Robson);
- “The Group of Seven” (Thoreau MacDonald);
- “A Tribute to Henri Masson” (Kinsman Robinson Galleries);
- “The Growth of Canadian Art” (Donald W. Buchanan);
- “The Other A.Y. Jackson” (O.J. Firestone);
- “Memoirs of An Art Dealer” (G. Blair Laing);
- “The Hart House Collection of Canadian Paintings” (Jeremy Adamson);
- “Eskimo Sculpture” (George Swinton)

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