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Seven Canadian Art Reference Books

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Private Collection, Montreal
- “Art for War and Peace: How a Great Art Project Helped Canada Discover Itself” (Ian Sigvaldason/Scott Steedman, Read Leaf, 2015);
- “Canadian Watercolours and Drawings in the Royal Ontario Museum” (Mary Allodi, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 1974, 2 Volumes in the original slipcase);
- “Paul Kane’s Frontier” (edited by J. Russell Harper, University of Texas Press, Austin & London, 1971, numbered 74/300, housed in the original slipcase);
- “The Year Book of Canadian Art 1913” (The Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, J. M. Dent & Sons, Limited, London and Toronto);
- “Egregore: The Montreal Automatist Movement” (Ray Ellenwood, Exile Editions, Toronto, 1992);
- “Paul Kane / The Artist: Wilderness to Studio” (Kenneth R. Lister, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 2010);
- “Two Jacksons Abroad, 1936” (Naomi Jackson Groves/A.Y. Jackson, Penumbra Press, Toronto, 2000)

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