Artwork by  Books and Reference,  Collection of Publications on Canadian and International Artists (Including Hughes, Kurelek, Binning, among others)

Books and Reference
Collection of Publications on Canadian and International Artists (Including Hughes, Kurelek, Binning, among others)

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Private Collection, Montreal
-“Thoreau MacDonald” (E.R. Hunter, Ryerson Press, Toronto);
-”Thoreau MacDonald: Canada’s Foremost Book Illustrator” (Terry Stillman, The Alcuin Society, Vancouver, 2005, signed by the author on the title page);
-”Thoreau MacDonald” (Margaret E. Edison, University of Toronto Press, 1973, includes signed print by the artist);
-”B.C. Binning: A Classical Spirit” (Nicholas Tuele, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1986);
-”B.C. Binning: A Retrospective” (Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia, 1973);
-”E.J. Hughes: Retrospective Exhibition” (Surrey Art Gallery, 1983);
-”E.J. Hughes: The Vast and Beautiful Interior” (Kamloops Art Gallery, 1994);
-”B.C. Binning” (Douglas and McIntyre, 2006);
-”From Desolation to Splendour: Changing Perceptions of the British Columbia Landscape” (Maria Tippett and Douglas Cole, Clarke Irwin, 1977)
-“Lumberjack” (William Kurelek, Tundra Books of Montreal, 1974);
-“A Prairie Boy’s Winter” (William Kurelek, Tundra Books of Montreal, 1973);
-“A Prairie Boy’s Summer”, ((William Kurelek, Tundra Books of Montreal, 1975);
-“They Sought a New World” (William Kurelek and Margaret S. Engelhart, Tundra Books of Montreal, 1985)
-”Walter J. Phillips” (Nancy E. Green, kate Rutherford and Toni Tomlinson, Pomegranate, Portland, 2013);
-”The Works of Joseph Légaré 1795-1855)” (John R. Porter, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1978);
-”The Earthly Paradise: William Morris and his Circle” (Art Gallery of Ontario, Key Porter Books Ltd., 1993);
-“Johnny Chinook” (Robert E. Gard, Longmans, Green & Co., Toronto, 1945);
-“Cote The Wood Carver” (Marcel Barbeau, Ryerson Press, Toronto);
-”Leonard Hutchinson, People’s Artist” (ed. Lynn Hutchinson Brown, NC Press, Toronto, 1975);
-”The Drawings of James Cockburn: A visit through Quebec’s Past” (Christina Cameron and Jean Trudel, Gage Publishing, 1976);
-”The Life and Work of Alexander Bercovitch” (Robert Adams, Marlowe Editions, Montreal, 1988, signed by the author);
-”Miller Brittain: When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears” (Tom Smart, Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, 2007)
-Sold with “Canada 1977: A Canadian Calendar” enclosed in original envelope

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Books and Reference