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Private Collection, Toronto
“A Galaxy of Canadian Greats” (four prints by J.W. McLaren, The Canada Printing Ink Company Ink, Toronto, 1967);
“Paul Kane: Sketch Pad” (Charles J. Musson Limited, Toronto, 1969);
“Michael Lambeth: Photographer” (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 1998);
“Iconic Moments” - The British Loyalist Legacy and the Creation of Modern English Canada: Charles Pachter” (The Charterhouse, London, 2016);
“The Journals of Susanna Moodie: Margaret Atwood and Charles Pachter” (McFarlane Walter & Ross, Toronto, 1997) -signed by the author and the artist on the first page;
“They Sought a New World - The Story of European Immigration to North America: William Kurelek” (Tundra Books, Montreal, 1985);
“A Treasury of Tom Thomson” (Joan Murray, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley, 2011)
“The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis” (Lance Woolaver, Nimbus Publishing/Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, 1996);
“A Speaking Likeness” (Joseph Plaskett, Ronsdale Press, Vancouver, 1999);
“Group of Seven: Drawings” (Paul Duval, Burns and MacEachern Limited, Toronto, 1965); “Daylight in the Swamp: Memoirs of Selwyn Dewdney” (Dundurn Press, Toronto/Oxford, 1997);
“Charlevoix County, 1930: Jori Smith” (Penumbra Press, 1998);
“Florence Carlyle: Against All Odds” (Joan Murray, Museum London/Woodstock Art Gallery, London, Ontario, 2004);
“Lawren Stewart Harris: A Painter’s Progress” (Andrew Hunter, The Americas Society, New York, 2000);
“E. B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture” (Gary Michael Dault, The Boston Mills Press, Erin, Ontario, 1999);
“Jens Rosing: The Sky Hangs Low” (translated by Naomi Jackson Groves, Penumbra Press, Moonbeam, Ontario, 1986) -signed by the translator on the title page);
“Charles Comfort” (Margaret Gray, Margaret Rand and Lois Steen, Canadian Artists 2, Gage Publishing, Agincourt, Ontario, 1976);
“Through An-other’s Eyes: White Canadian Artists - Black Female Subjects” (Charmaine Nelson, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 1998);
“National Gallery of Canada: Guide” (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1988);
“Sculpture in Canada: A History” (Maria Tippett, Douglas & McIntyre, Madeira Park, BC, 2013)

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