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- “Edmund Morris ‘Kyaiyii’ 1871-1913” (Geoffrey Simmins and Michael Parke-Taylor, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 1984);
- “Canadian Artists of the Second World War” (Joan Murray, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 1981);
- “Canadian Artists and Airmen 1940-45” (Jerrold Morris, The Morris Gallery, Toronto);
- “F. H. Varley” (The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, 1981);
- “Rodin Bronzes: From the Collection of B. Gerald Cantor” (The American Federation of Arts, New York, 1969);
- “Albert Franck: Keeper of the Lanes” (Harold Town, McLelland and Stewart Limited, 1974);
- “Lucius R. O’Brien: Visions of Victorian Canada” (Dennis Reid, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1990);
- “Industrial Images” (Rosemary Donegan, Art Gallery of Hamilton, 1987);
- “The Canadian Art Club 1907-1915” (Robert J. Lamb, The Edmonton Art Gallery, 1988);
- “F. H. Varley: Portraits into the Light” (Katerina Atanassova, Dundern Press, Toronto, 2007)
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