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- “Sunday Mornings with Cass” (Ted Herriott, 1993);
- “Bellefleur: The Fervour of the Quest” (Guy Robert, 1988);
- “Cosgrove Natures Mortes Arbes et Portraits” (Jacques de Roussan, 1994);
- “F.S. Coburn Beyond the Landscape” (Evelyn Lloyd Coburn, 1996);
- “Frederick H. Varley” (Peter Varley, 1983);
- “Art actuel au Quebec depuis 1970” (Guy Robert, 1983);
- “The Art of Tom Thomson” (Joan Murray, 1971);
- “Jean Paul Riopelle force de la nature” (John K. Grande, 2005);
- “Norval Morrisseau Shaman Artist” (Greg A. Hill, 2006);
- “Edwin Holgate” (Rosalind Pepall and Brian Foss, 2005);
- “La peinture au Quebec depuis ses origines” (Guy Robert, 1978)

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