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Books and Reference
32 Canadian Art Reference Books and Materials

32 books and publications
-“Milne: Watercolours” (Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, 1980);
-“David Milne 1882-1953” (travelling exhibition, 1967);
-“David B. Milne” (David P. Silcox, London Regional Art and Historical Museum, 1998);
-“Milne” (Alan Jarvis, The Gallery of Canadian Art: 3, 1962);
-“David Milne: City Streets and Northern Scenes” (Mira Godard Gallery, Calgary, 1981);
-”Photographs by Tom Thomson” (The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Bulletin 16/1970);
-”Lawren Harris: Paintings 1910-1948” (Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, 1948);
-”Lawren Harris 1963” (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa and Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver, 1963);
-”F.H. Varley: Paintings 1915-1954” (Art Gallery of Toronto, 1954);
-“Arthur Lismer: Watercolours” (Norah McCullough, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph, 1987);
-”Arthur Lismer: Nova Scotia 1916-1919” (Gemey Kelly, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, 1982);
-”Arthur Lismer” (E.R. Hunter, The Granville Galleries, Halifax);
“Pungent Personalities: Arts & Letters Club Drawings by Arthur Lismer, 1922-43” (University of Toronto, Toronto, 2006);
-”A. Y. Jackson: Paintings 1902-1953” (Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto and National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1953);
-”The Queen Comes to New Brunswick: Paintings and Drawings by Molly Lamb Bobak” (Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, 1977-79);
-”Daniel Fowler in Canada: An Artist Afterall” (Dorothy M. Farr, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, 2006);
-”Fritz Brandtner 1896-1969” (A Retrospective Exhibition, travelling, 1971-2);
-”Fritz Brandtner: A Gift” (The Montreal Museum of Fine Art, 2003);
-“Hilton Hassell” (Kaspar Gallery, Toronto, 1981);
-”E.J. Hughes” (Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, 1967);
-”Clare Leighton” (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1992);
-”Richard Montpetit” (Gilles Archambault, Ciel d’images, Quebec, 1999);
-”Charles William Jeffreys 1869-1951” (Robert Stacey, travelling exhibition, 1976-77);
-”Fresh Water: A Journal of Great Lakes Marine History” (Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, Kingston, Vol. 6, No. 1, 1991);
-”The National Gallery of Canada/The MacCallum-Jackman Donations” (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1969);
-”Important Exhibition of Canadian and European Masters” (Galerie Claude Lafitte, Montreal);
-”Artists of Distinction” (John A. Libby Fine Art, Toronto, 2011);
-”Hornyansky” (Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, 1978);
-”Art of the Grenfell Mission: The Robin Moore Collection” (Michael Donovan (pub.);
-”Lillian Freiman: Paintings and Drawings” (Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, 1978);
-”Etched in Stone: The Life and Prints of Ernst Neumann” (Brian I. Oickle, Montreal Print Collectors Society, 2004) - signed by the author in the title page;
-”Goodridge Roberts” (Concordia Art Gallery, Montreal, 1984);
-”Henrietta Shore” (Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, 1986)
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