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Eighteen Artist Handbooks

eighteen books
“The Crossing Point: Selected Talks and Writings” (M.C. Richards, 1966);
“The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art” (H.J. Plenderleith, 1956);
“Calligraphy Now: New Light on Traditional Letters” (Margaret Shepherd, 1984);
“The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques” (Ralph Mayer, 1981);
“Artists’ Techniques” (Dr. Kurt Herberts, 1958);
“The Artist’s Methods and Materials” (Maria Bazzi, 1960);
“The Artist’s Studio Handbooks” (Richard Seddon, 1984);
“Glossary of Print Techniques” (National Gallery of Canada, n.d.);
“Handbook for Museum Curators Part B” (The Museums Association, 1954);
“Paper Sculpture” (Paul McPharlin, 1944);
“Paper Making as an Artistic Craft” (John Mason, 1959);
“Methods and Techniques for Gouache Painting” (Arnold Blanch, 1946);
“A Book of Sample Scripts” (Edward Johnston, 1983);
“Paint and Painting” (The Tate Gallery, 1982);
“Enameling Principles & Practice” (Kenneth F. Bates, 1951);
“Painting the Figure in Watercolour” (Herb olsen, 1958);
“The Complete Printmaker” (John Ross, Clare Romano, 1972);
“Handbook of Type and Lettering” (Hildegard Korger, 1992)
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