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Twenty-Seven Realist Art Reference Books

“Fred Ross” (Galerie Dresdnere, Toronto, 1973);
“Christine Pflug” (Sarnia Public Library and Art Gallery, 1971);
“Christine Pflug” (The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1966);
“John Hall’s Imitations of Life” (Nancy Tousley, 1989);
“Michael Thompson” (Gallery Moos, 1988);
“Four Ontario Realists” (The Art Gallery of Brant, 1976);
“Ivan Zadok Bray: Poetry and Truth” (Goldfish Contemporary Fine Art);
“Tom Forrestall” (Beaverbrook Art Gallery, 1972);
“Ken Danby” (Gallery Moos, 1967) - 2 copies;
“Ivan Eyre” (Mira Godard Gallery, 1978);
“Danby” (Gallery Moos, 1979) - 2 copies;
“Ken Danby” (Gallery Moos, 1989) - 4 copies;
“Ken Danby: The Graphic Work” (Art Gallery of Hamilton, 1989);
“Valerie Palmer” (Loch Gallery, 2012);
“Barry McCarthy: The Inner Atlantic” (The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 1995, one signed by the artist) - 2 copies;
“Christine Pflug” (The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1974);
“Christopher Pratt” (Galerie Godard Lefort, 1970);
“Hugh Mackenzie” (Morris Gallery, 1979);
“Richard Robertson: Works on Paper” (The Nickle Arts Museum of the University of Calgary, 1982);
“Aspects of Realism” (Rothmans, 1976);
“D.P. Brown, Ken Danby, Tom Forrestall, Christopher Pratt” (Pierre Boutin, 1974) - 2 copies

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