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Twenty-Eight Exhibition Catalogues

exhibition catalogues
“Fred Ross” (Galerie Dresdnere, 1973);
“Hans Hofmann: Drawings” (André Emmerich Gallery, 1977);
“A Few Reflections from 1984” (Auu Bowman, 1984);
“More Reflections (Auu Bowman, 1986);
“Graham Fowler” (Douglas Udell Gallery, 1995);
“Vicky Marshall” (Heffel Gallery Ltd, 1998);
“Mind Over Matter (Jacquie Jacobs, n.d.);
“Bruce St. Clair: Paintings a Ten Year Survey” (Aggregation Gallery, 1977);
“Jack B. Yeats Paintings” (The Waddington Galleries, 1961);
“Mark Lang” (Gallerie de Bellefeuille, 2010);
“Jennifer Hornyak” (Galerie de Bellefeuille, 2009);
“An Open Window: New Paintings by Tracy Ziegler” (Odon Wagner, 2007);
“Jack Humphrey: A Retrospective Exhibition” (Galerie Dresdnere, 1974);
“Pierre Gauvreau” (Gallery Gevik, 2009);
“Louis de Niverville: 50 Years of Louis de Niverville (1957-2007)” (Ingram Gallery, 2007);
“Louis de Niverville Retrospective” (The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, 1978
(Dedicated to Paul and signed by Joan Murray));
“Kim Ondaatje: Paintings and Prints” (London Public Library and Art Museum, 1972);
“Liz LePage” (The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 1996);
“Carl Schaefer: Retrospective Exhibition: Paintings from 1926 to 1969” (Art Gallery of Windsor (travelling), 1970, with accompanying note from the artist to Paul Duval);
“John Newman” (Art Gallery, Erindale College, University of Toronto (travelling exhibition), 1973);
“40 Years of Jack Nichols 1941-1981” (The Sarnia Public Library and Art Gallery, 1982);
“John Boyle: A Retrospective” (London Regional Art and Historical Museums, 1991);
“Jennifer Hornyak” (Galerie Claude Lafitte, 1987);
“Treacy Ziegler: The Lights of Passage” (Odon Wagner Gallery, n.d. (3 copies));
“Barry McCarthy: The Inner Atlantic” (The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 1995)
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Auction Estimate: $500.00$300.00 - $500.00

Price Realized $148.00
Sale date: January 28th 2020

Collection of Paul Duval, Toronto

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