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Twenty-Six Historical Canadian Art Reference Books

“C.M. Manly, A.R.C.A. 1855-1924” (The Cobourg Art Gallery, 1973) - 4 copies;
“Canadian Portraits of the 18th and 19th Centuries” (The National Gallery of Canada, 1959, signed by Paul Duval on the frontispage);
“Daniel Fowler 1810-1894” (Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 1964);
“A Century of Colonial Painting: The Seven Years War to Confederation” (The National Gallery of Canada, 1964) - 2 copies;
“Nature’s Grandest Scene: 19th Century Views of Niagara Falls” (Wunderlich & Company, 1986);
“Edmond Morris Frontier Artist” (Jean S. McGill, 1984);
“George Reid: A Biography” (Muriel Miller, 1987);
“G.A. Reid Canadian Artist” (Muriel Miller Miner, 1946, inscribed by G.A. Reid and Mary Wrinch Reid);
“W.J. Wood Paintings and Graphics” (Christine Boyanoski and John Hartman, 1983);
“Nine Watercolour Paintings by George Heriot (1766-1844) in the Collection of Willistead Art Gallery of Windsor” (Kenneth Saltmarche, 1967);
“Antoine Plamondon and Théophile Hamel: Two Painters of Quebec” (The National Gallery of Canada, n.d.);
“Homer Watson: Paintings and Drawings” (The National Gallery of Canada, 1963);
“The Group of Seven Fiftieth Anniversary 1920-1970” (Globe Envelopes Products Limited, 1970);
“Lawren Harris Retrospective Exhibition 1963” (National Gallery of Canada, 1963);
“An Evening with members of the Group of Seven” (Ontario Society of Education, 1965);
“Catalogue of Inaugural Exhibition” (The Art Gallery of Toronto, 1926);
“Early Canadian Portraits” (The National Gallery of Canada, 1969);
“Miller G. Brittain Drawings and Pastels: c.1930-1967” (Creative Art Centre, University of New Brunswick, 1967, inscribed ‘Mr. Paul Duval” on the cover);
“The North West Passage 1534-1859” (Toronto Public Library 1963);
“J. Harlow White” (Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 1975);
“Frances Anne Hopkins 1838-1919: Canadian Scenery” (Thunder Bay Art Gallery, 1990);
“Sympathetic Realism: George A. Reid and the Academic Tradition” (Christine Boyanoski, 1986);
“Horatio Walker” (David Karel, 1987);
“A Portfolio of Canadian Art” (Eric Brown, 1926)
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