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twenty books and periodicals
“Helen McNicoll 1879-1915” (Morris Gallery, 1974);
“David Milne” (Alan Jarvis, 1962);
“Daffodils in Winter: The Life and Letters of Pegi Nicol MacLeod, 1904-1949” (Joan Murray, 1984);
“Emily Carr A Biography” (Maria Tippet, 1979);
“Anne Savage: The Story of a Canadian Painter” (Anne McDougall, 1977);
“A.Y. Jackson: Paintings 1902-1953” (The Art Gallery of Toronto, 1953);
“J.E.H. MacDonald, R.C.A., 1973-1932” (The Art Gallery of Toronto, 1965);
“Lawren Harris: Paintings 1910-1948” (The Art Gallery of Toronto, 1848);
“Lemoine FitzGerald” (Morris Gallery, 1973);
“The Group of Seven Why Not Eight or Nine or Ten: Revelations by Members of The Arts and Letters Club” (The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, n.d., signed by Ray Cattell on the titlepage);
“F.H. Varley: Paintings 1915-1954” (The Art Gallery of Toronto, 1954);
“The McMichael Conservation Collection” (Paul Duval, 1967);
“F.H. Varley” (The Edmonton Art Gallery, 1981);
“The Group of Seven: Canadian Landscape Painters” (McMichael Canadian Collection, 1977);
“The Tangled Garden: The Art of J.E.H. MacDonald” (Paul Duval, n.d.);
“Reflections in a Quiet Pool: The Prints of David Milne” (Rosemarie L. Tovell, 1980);
“Canadian Painting in the Thirties” (Charles C. Hill, 1975; with inscribed stationery from the author);
“Helen McNicoll: A Canadian Impressionist” (Natalie Luckyj, 1999);
“Canadian Impressionsim” (Paul Duval, 1990);
“The Story of the Group of Seven” (Dr. A.Y. Jackson, June 1956)

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Collection of Paul Duval, Toronto

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