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Forty Miscellaneous Artist Exhibition Catalogues

forty catalogues
“Collection 2003-2004” (Galerie Lacroix, 2003);
“Charles Comfort Paintings and Watercolours of the 1920s and ‘30s” (Laing Galleries, 1969);
“Alan C. Collier” (Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 1971):
“Fritz Brandtner 1896-1969” (Sir George Williams University, 1971-2);
“Walter Bachinski” (Mount Saint Vincent University, 1972);
“Bertram Brooker 1888-1955” (The Morris Gallery, 1971);
Borduas et les automatistes Montreal 1942-1955” (Museè des Quèbec, 1971);
“Jack Bush The Decade of Discovery 1952-1962” (Miriam Shiell Fine Art, 1996);
“William Blair Bruce 1859-1906” (The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 1975);
Four copies of “Borduas and Other Rebels” (Galerie Dresdnere, 1988);
“Canadian Art 70, Vol. XVII, No. 5., September 1960”;
“Aba Bayefsky Paintings, Drawings and Graphics, 2006 exhibition poster”;
“William Henry Clapp” (Lake Gallery, n.d.);
“Jack Bush: Paintings and Drawings 1955-1976” (Arts Council of Great Britain, 1980);
“Caroline and Frank Armington” (Montreal Print Collections Society, n.d.);
“Francois Beaudry Dominion Galerie Invitation, 1990”
Six copies of “Bachinski: A Decade” (Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 1976);
“Marcel Barbeau works from 1957-1989” (Kaspar Gallery, 1989);
“Chester’s Barn” (Lindee Climo, 1983);
“Casson Retrospective” (McMaster University Art Gallery, 1971);
“Alex Colville” (Marlborough Fine Art, 1970);
“A.J. Casson” (Gray, Rand, Steen, 1976);
“Alex Colville” (Fisher Fine Art Limited, n.d.);
“Alex Colville” (Banfer Gallery, 1963);
“The Stuff Dreams Are Made of: The Art and Design of Frederick and Louise Coates” (University of Toronto Library, 1997);
“Paul-Emile Borduas 1905-1960” (The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1962);
Four copies of “François Beaudry” (Galerie Dominion, 1990);
Three copies of “Miller Brittain Retrospective” (Galerie Dresdnere, 1975);

x ins ( 0 x 0 cms )

Auction Estimate: $500.00$300.00 - $500.00

Price Realized $590.00
Sale date: January 28th 2020

Collection of Paul Duval, Toronto

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